The Cserehát Micro-Region Employment Action Plan is slowly but surely coming to its end

On 16. – 17. June 2022 the final conference took place in the Tsizjauvaros city. Over the past 4 years 7 interesting projects have been implemented where many various results came into existence. During the past year two parts of the project were completed, which included opening 5 marketplaces, building an educational center, as well as foundation of a classroom for the students of agromechatronics field. Thanks to the project " Find your way" we helped people with applying in the labour market. Over the past month the Via Carpatia could be a part of the opening ceremony of a pumpkin oil factory, roasting plant for seeds and a factory for the processing of healthy fruit juices, the sauerkraut factory as well as the local shop and confectionery. We handed over the St. Stephen´s House and the platform for local producers was established. During the two-days conference in the individual rounds thanks to an eye-catching film which was made by above mentioned partners, the results of the projects were presented and the guests could also taste various delicious local products. The project team of Via Carpatia believes that this was a first successful step towards the development of the Cserehát Micro-Region and its aim remains to support the projects which would be beneficial for his region.