Safety4TMF – TMF – related risk reduction and disaster management solutions

The Safety4TMF project aims to provide coordinated measures for the management of waste material (tailings) derived from excavation and ore extraction in the Danube region, to prevent environmental disasters while ensuring permanent safety conditions and measures in cooperation with various stakeholders. The project emphasizes the importance of cooperation among multi-level governance actors, including authorities, municipalities, first responders, academia, and others. By promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange through training, workshops, conferences, and peer-review visits, the project fosters transnational cooperation to address TMF-related risks.
The benefit of the project is involvement, information, and cooperation of stakeholders from all levels, harmonized multi-level governance instruments, and coordinated procedures for risk reduction and disaster management are all required for enhancing TMF safety.
Supported and implemented under the Danube Region Programme financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Project activities

  • Mapping and improvement of TMF-related knowledge, cooperation ecosystems, policies and procedures.
  • Enhance transnational TMF-related safety improvement and disaster management capacities.
  • Testing enhanced processes/procedures to improve safety for TMFs and share results within the DRB.

Project outputs

  • Improved cooperation, coordination, and mutual understanding among national institutions.
  • Involvement, information, and cooperation of stakeholders from all levels.
  • Policy harmonization for enhanced national and transnational cooperation.
  • Building new capacities by taking advantage of the newest scientific knowledge.
  • Improved coordination and application of harmonized measures for risk reduction and disaster prevention at transnational and national levels.

Project duration

  • 01.01.2024 – 30.06.2026

Total project budget

  • 2,458,381.96 €

Amount of contribution from the ERDF

  • 1 966 705,56 €