Restoration of almost 200-year-old manor house Patay in Abaújszántó has begun

The Patay Manor in Abaújszántó-Cekeháza, Hungary, will be restored by Jövő Útja Nonprofit Kft. (Via Carpatia EGTC).
As part of the ÉLŐ TÖRTÉNELEM project, in addition to the restoration of the manor house in Cekeháza, the restoration of the Lower Gate in Košice will also take place. The total budget of the project is 217,000,000 Ft., Of which 140,000,000 Ft. is earnmarked for Patay manol house.

A press conference on the occasion of the launch of the project was held in the manor on the 15th of May.

Among the invited guests was the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary – Levente Magyar, as well as Dr. Zsolt Virág – director of the Hungarian Castle Program, Ing. Julianna Orbán Máté, Ph.D. – Director Jövő Útja Nonprofit Kft., Dr. Richárd Hörcsik – Member of Parliament and Mayor of Abaújszántó, as well as descendants of the Patay family and other important guests.

In his speech, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Levente Magyar spoke about Slovak-Hungarian cross-border cooperation and its positive effects on tourism and economic development. Dr. Zsolt Virág, Executive Director of the Hungarian Castle Program Nkft., An art historian, presented the history of Patay Castle in Abaújszántó and the possibilities for its development. Member of Parliament Richárd Hörcsik, presented their reflections on the importance of the development of Cekeháza Castle and tourism development projects in the region.

The first written mention of Cekeháza is from 1427, the manor house was the property of the Czeke family.

As part of the ÉLŐ TÖRTÉNELEM project, the first stage of the manor house restoration will take place, which includes static reinforcement of the castle ruins, joining separate and shattered walls, in other words “stitching.”

New reinforced concrete wreaths and slabs will be completed to ensure long-term survival. In this first phase, safe entry into the manor will be ensured.