Employment Cross-border Action plan of the Cserehát micro- region

The action plan is implemented under the Interreg Slovakia – Hungary cooperation program. The total budget of the action plan is EUR 4,438,314.37.The target area of the action plan, the Cserehát micro-region is characterized by a high rate of unemployment. The main reasons of this phenomenon are mainly the insufficient infrastructure, low level of education and high rate of ageing population. The overall objective of the TAPE is to reduce the unemployment rate in the micro-region, to re-establish the “Beautiful Cserehát” micro-region, to exploit its endogenous potential and to find solutions to the most serious problems. The above mentioned potential is that of local production, which supports the development of the region and is the central theme of the TAPE. The main objective is going to be achieved thank to the specific objectives of the TAPE, which are the following: to improve the quality of human capital, to improve the production infrastructure, to improve the selling conditions of local products and to develop a regional brand.

The most important expected result of the cross-border action plan is the creation of new working places on the territory of the micro-region. In order to meet this output and the aims of the TAPE, the following activities and interventions will be realized:

  • establishment of new multi purpose centres,
  • establishment of new plants for processing agricultural products,
  • creation of market places,
  • establishment a regional brand,
  • establishment of a network of local producers and
  • organization of local markets and agro events.

The action plan consists of 7 projects:

  • Coordination and Communication Project

The most important goal of the CCP project is to coordinate the 7 projects of the TAPE in order to reach its goals. Another basic pillar of the CCP is to communicate the action plan, which consists in ensuring the mandatory visibility elements within each project and in ensuring the propagation of the whole TAPE by using different tools of communication, e.g.: videos, brochures, information boards, etc.

  • Development of local + products 1

The main objective of the project is to increase the quality, competitiveness and popularity of local products. Cross-border cooperation will help to establish a cross-border network with focus on co-operation in local production. It will provide opportunities for co-operative production of products, joint marketing and will increase the sales of products. These new products, e.g. roasted seeds, fruit juices, pumpkin oil, etc. will be produced in the newly established or expanded plants that will be located in the crossborder micro-region.

  • Development of local + products 2

This project aims to serve the general goals of TAPE by increasing the added value of the agroproducts and by increasing the capacities for higher level of processing. This will be done through the cooperation of two project partners: while one will establish a cabbage pickling plant where a higher quantity and quality of local products will be produced, the other will create a space where the process of the production of local products and the potential buyers can meet.

  • Through renovation to the education

To mitigate the disadvantage in the area of human resources there is the need for infrastructural development of professional educational institutions on both sides of the border. In Hungary, in Encs, will be implemented improved conditions for adult education activities of the applicant organization by the establishment of an education center. In Slovakia, in Moldava nad Bodvou, the professional development of local vocational school is realized through the purchase of modern laboratory devices. During the development the receiving classrooms and related facilities of laboratory equipment will be renovated and converted.

  • Meet the local needs

This project aims to fulfil the need for high quality urban functions through two initiatives. Firstly, by establishing a multipurpose centre – training center and coordinating centre, where educational programmes, trainings and other events will be held that will facilitate the reintegration to the labour market of those disadvantaged people who might lack competitive skills and knowledge, are long-term unemployed or face negative discrimination due to their ethnicity or gender. Secondly, through creating a cross-border network of local markets, the economy of the microregion is expected to revitalise generating further new jobs as well as raising the general quality of life of people living in the region.

  • Find your way to the labour market

The main objective of the project FYW is to improve the level of education and increase the chances of applying to the labour market for long-term unemployed citizens through the implementation of joint education and training programmes – social communication skills trainings, courses to improve financial literacy, course “How to succeed on job interview “, training “How to deal with execution, alcoholism and drugs, training “Social enterprises and farming” and 2 workshops in order to inform citizens about the actual job offers and in cooperation with employment agencies trying to find a suitable job for them.

  • Build and promote local image

The main objective of the project is to improve sustainability, employability and stability of agricultural economics and to strengthen local agro production and competitiveness of local producers. The main objective will be reach thanks to the implementation of specific objectives, which are: development of new regional brand together with the brand strategy; development of local agro study; creation of a data register of local producers; organization of cross-border markets/agro events and regional EXPO; creation of web application serving for better connection between producers and purchasers.