SKHU Ambassadors – Active ageing – Create a cross border team of ambassadors in order to improve the quality of life for Slovak and Hungary seniors

The world’s population is ageing. This statement also applies to the Košice self-governing region and the Boršod-Abaúj-Zemplén county. Average life expectancy is increasing and significant shifts in the social behavior of the population are recorded. Both regions face migration from the younger generation, while the older generation remains in the regions. The ageing population poses a challenge to the health care system and increases society’s costs. To prevent this, we should place great emphasis on providing integrated care for the elderly.

The SKHU Ambassadors project represents an innovative approach aimed primarily at improving the quality of life of seniors by supporting their health, physical activity, and socialization. Based on previous research, it has been shown that physical and mental activity and its integration into the lives of seniors have a major impact on their health, quality of life, and the level of social inclusion of seniors on the Hungarian and Slovak borders. Through the project, we plan to improve the level of social infrastructure and services for seniors at the border.

Objectives of the SKHU Ambassadors project
The main goal of the project is to increase the quality of life of seniors (60+) by building joint cross-border services and establishing Active Aging Centers.

  • Favor Bank – an online platform through which seniors and volunteer-based institutions can provide help to those who need it most.
  • Active aging centers – the establishment of two senior centers, where visitors will be able to spend their free time, learn, engage in physical activities, but also make new contacts.
  • Interinstitutional cooperation
    – connecting seniors from Hungary and Slovakia through the activities of the Center for Active Aging.
  • Ambassadors team – the creation of a team of senior ambassadors on the Hungarian and Slovak sides. Each member will be the ambassador of one activity, which he will then educate in his region.

In addition, the project will organize cross-border volunteer days. Pilot programs will be implemented and institutional cooperation will be enhanced through the creation of joint services. The project and its activities will be offered to the widest possible population of seniors over the age of 60, with an emphasis on equal access on both sides of the cross-border regions.

Project partners

  • EGTC Via Carpatia (Slovakia)
  • BORA 94 (Hungary)

Total costs

  • 195 942 EUR

ERDF Contribution

  • 166 550,70 EUR

This project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund.